About Us

The St. Louis Black Pages Business Directory and The Transformational Magazine is committed to being the catalyst for the healing and positive transformation of the African American community; as well as an engine of economic empowerment and delivery vehicle for those who seek value and appreciate the patronage of the African American community.

What is the Black Pages Business Directory & the
Transformational Agenda Magazine & Retreat?

St. Louis Black Pages Business Directory

For 25 years, the Black Pages Business Directory and The Transformational Agenda Magazine has served as an effective advertising vehicle for small-mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporations across the St. Louis Metro area who have a vested interest in letting the African American community know that they’re in business and that they respect and appreciate their patronage. This highly effective advertising vehicle is penetrating a $4.86 billion market via 100,000 print copies, and engaging internet and mobile editions (for iPhone and Android).

The Transformational Agenda Magazine

Are you ready for the African American community to finally heal? Are you wanting to be a part of something that is the catalyst for true and long-standing change? The Transformational Agenda is an organization that is deeply committed to educating the community of the root cause of our self-destructive behaviors and providing viable solutions for healing our community. It is time for us to call a time-out and re-think everything. Empowerment (high character, virtue, values, and life skills) must become our single goal, agenda, focus, direction, and purpose; and we will deliver it one to another… If you (and others) simply embrace the fierce urgency of now.

The Transformational Agenda Retreat

A unique event that participants rate as one of the most significant experiences they’ve had in life. Participants have acquired a totally new perspective on the African American experience and have found the answer to the question ‘What has caused our self-destructive behaviors?’. Upon discovering this, they gain the ability to transform themselves and leave equipped to heal our community.

Invest time for yourself, your family, and community that will demonstrate your commitment to securing our children’s future.

You will feel different and you will behave differently because you will be transformed.