Workshops, Seminars & Retreats

The Transformational Agenda Retreat

The Transformational Agenda Retreat is a unique event that participants rate as one of the most
significant experiences they’ve had in life. Participants have acquired a totally new perspective
on the African American experience and are equipped to heal our community.
Invest in a day for yourself, your family and your community.
Make a commitment to securing our children’s future.
You will feel different & you will behave differently because you will be transformed.

Cutting Edge Continuing Education

Provider of the 6-hour Continuing Education Workshop for Social Workers.

Explore how cultural trauma manifestations contribute to the MAGNITUDE of the self-destructive behaviors of African Americans.
Examine how unconscious, NEGATIVE MENTAL LEGACIES of cultural intergenerational trauma have shaped the identity and perceived self-value of African Americans.
Significantly raise AWARENESS of African American culture.
Consider cultural methods of HEALING for individuals, families and communities.

Understanding The African American Experience

There has been academic research and thought-provoking discussion regarding intergenerational trauma and its cultural impact on Native Americans and Holocaust survivors, yet its effect on African American culture has been tragically ignored. The discovery that cultural intergenerational trauma unconsciously impacts the contemporary behavior of African Americans is potentially transformational.