Donovan Polack, MD, FACP, FASN

Donovan Polack

“I was drawn to the field of nephrology, the study of kidney disorders, by an insatiable desire to learn about this organ’s functions. I was fascinated and wanted to learn all the intricacies of kidney diseases. Moreover, I saw that kidney disorders affected our people disproportionately. This motivated me to pursue the nation’s best opportunities for education and research.

Upon finishing my undergraduate studies at Queens College (CUNY), I earned my medical degree at Cornell University Medical School. I went on to complete three years of post-graduate training at Emory University in Atlanta. I served in the military, first at Wilford Medical Center and later Scott Air Force Base, where I was Chief of Nephrology and headed the Dialysis unit at the U.S. Air Force Regional Hospital. I have also been a faculty member of the St. Louis University Medical School.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the primary underlying causes of kidney disease. Because a large number of African Americans suffer from these ailments, a disproportionate number of us are either on dialysis or waiting for a kidney transplant.

I choose to serve my people and am pleased to provide a quality and commitment second to none. I have offices in North County, Granite City, IL, and Festus, MO. Nephrology patients need consistent care of exemplary quality. Providing that level of care is my lifetime goal realized.”

Dr. and Mrs. Polack received the 2010 National Kidney Foundation Award for Excellence.

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