Don’t Miss Today’s Black Renaissance

Article from the 27th Transformational Agenda Magazine:
Don’t Miss Today’s Black Renaissance

The opportunity to take an enormous leap in your BEING is knocking at your door this very moment.

For this is the best moment in African American history: to take control of your own destiny; to follow your dreams; to dramatically increase your income; to change Jobs for far better pay with great benefits and a grand future; to enter the trades, or to be hired by a union; or to Invest In your education by learning from home, and have it pay Impressive dividends for the rest of your life; to become a better partner, or parent. or friend; to improve your diet, exercise, or health; or to self-study, or join a group online to become more financially literate; or to grow in faith and spirituality.

You see, several awe-inspiring forces have come together in this very moment in time. African Americans can now choose to manifest their hopes and dreams-and actually be able to accomplish them.

Even given the reality of the occasional horrors of today’s racism, white privilege, cultural amnesia, and the denial that slavery has any contemporary negative legacies – there is still an exceptionally higher level of freedom to openly act in your best Interest, without significant fear that racist bigots or police (as a direct result) will harm your well-being.

Today, despite what seems like weekly examples of videotaped racist acts coming to light, we do now have the ability to speak up and speak out and just be ourselves, without fear of certain and immediate physical reprisal. Thank God that every day (for over three centuries) our ancestors were strong enough to choose life, and to thus endure … so that we could exist today.

We are surrounded. There has been an almost instantaneous revolution In the ability to gain education, whether for education’s sake or to dramatically Increase your income. Today valuable education can be easily and inexpensively achieved, even from your home. There is an internet filled with the free and readily available information needed to allow you to become a more
empowered human being, in any and every aspect of your life.

These, and so many more opportunities which have come together today-involve little, If any, personal risk! In fact, they are only pure opportunity. Opportunity not to live with yesterday’s fears and uncertainties, stifled attempts and jilted dreams. Opportunities, to leap with certainty, into a more empowered the realities of this Renaissance. There has been an almost Instantaneous revolution In the ability to gain education, whether for education’s sake or to dramatically Increase your Income. Today valuable education can be easily and inexpensively achieved, even from your home. There is an Internet filled with the free and readily available information needed to allow you to become a more empowered human being, in any and every aspect of your life.

It ls fair to Identify, this very moment In time, as a new and uniquely powerful Black Renaissance for African Americans.

This Renaissance, of both opportunity and ability, is not to be missed. Its benefits are not to be avoided. Yes, still today, sporadically (by historical experience), we are violently violated, and we call out their names and march in their honor. Both finally and righteously, these travesties of justice are being publicly examined (thanks to video), and in some cases prosecuted. Yet, by far, it is the best it has ever been. With the ‘light of justice shining brightly’ we are now rapidly acquiring allies (both individual and corporate) that will propel the destruction of the remaining barriers.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to not leap into the realization of the benefits of this current renaissance; unless someone who is aware – does not make someone who isn’t aware – aware!

You do see what is happening today, do you not? Hundreds of thousands of jobs are going unfilled. ‘Minimum wage’ has essentially become $12-15 an hour. Today, companies trying to hold ‘non-living wage’ labor costs are seeing their employees quit in record numbers; and then quickly accept an open position with another employer-dramatically increasing their income and job satisfaction in the process. Unemployment, because someone cannot honestly find a job, has essentially ended.

In many respects, the Co-Vid pandemic has created positive unintended outcomes-that represent enormous opportunities for economic and personal growth. For instance, the flow of federal money to avoid a recession (because of the pandemic) has created a boom economy so strong that everyone is hiring, real labor shortages exist, sizable pay increases are being granted; and product shortages and logistical logjams are now common.

A Democratic president, a Democratic Congress, and a Democratic Senate-all being present in this moment in time-are delivering real gains to America’s working class and lower economic classes; after decades of having their standard of living slowly stripped away. The federal (national) earned income tax credits, combined with a tremendously higher federal child tax credit-has created enough lifting power to lift millions of adults, children, and families out of poverty.

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, is now providing quality healthcare and healthcare security, at truly affordable cost for all Americans who simply apply. Childcare credits also exist and quality education for 4- to 5-year-olds is now mostly universal.After 40 years of both political parties agreeing on the need for infrastructure improvement and revitalization (yet being unable to pass a single piece of legislation), today’s congress has passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. It is estimated that this single piece of legislation will create 5 million jobs-that cannot be outsourced to China or anywhere else. They will pay a living-wage, often be jobs in the much desired (yet hard to previously land) building trade or union wage jobs; and 80% of these jobs will not require a college education!

The last 40 years have not been kind to African Americans, nor the white middle-class and lower economic strata. For 40 years, the vast majority of the entire increase in national income and wealth (inflation adjusted), has flowed to America’s top 1 % in income and wealth. This was a direct result of public policy and congressional legislation. As was, the same 1 % having their taxes tremendously reduced during the exact same 40-year period-via congressional bill after congressional bill. Meanwhile (yes, at the exact same time), the middle class has been hollowed out because of public policy and legislation that allowed manufacturing to leave America for principally China; while also allowing illegal immigration (cross the southern border) by the millions, which kept wages suppressed.

So, you see, many incredibly powerful forces have merged, which has created enormous opportunities for African Americans. Which are certainly beneficial for everyone, it’s just that now, we can finally benefit from what benefits other American citizens – if we act to.

Don’t fail to act. Don’t miss this. Don’t let anyone you love miss it; or at least not know that it exists because they have been strongly encouraged by you, even challenged-to leap. Actually (via your actions) love, those who you claim to love-by demanding that they not sit this one out!

The 27th Anniversary Edition of the St Louis Black Pages & The Transformational Agenda Magazine, is devoted to empowering us-to empower ourselves-to take a giant leap-now! Thus, capitalizing on this wonderful moment in time, this moment of true opportunity – THE NEW BLACK RENAISSANCE!

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