Jasa (Mama Moon) McCaleb

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

The sister has a way with words. She is a serious wordsmith, very exacting about word usage, and will correct you on anything that doesn’t muster her keen intellectual screen. She is old, looks incredibly young, and overflows with positive energy and love. Yet I still have not gotten to the most exemplary aspect of this exemplary soul—so here goes.

She has been granted and maintains a direct communication port with the Creator, the Almighty—with God! She journals every day and each day starts early morning with her writing a question for God. She reports that she does not know what the next word will be until she cursive shapes it in her journal, a written journal by the way, not electronic.

Now just imagine how Godly knowledgeable you would be if you had an answer daily, from God, to whatever you ask. Got the picture now?

She is an exceptionally dear friend of Howard Denson, the publisher of this publication. They think they must have been ‘somehow spiritually connected’ in another time and place. 

Her name is JASA (MAMA MOON) McCALEB. She is dying now. She has had her first hospice consultation. She has used cancer to perfect her faith and to demonstrate to her family that a ‘child of God’ can pass with joy and dignity—while giving to family and friends all the wisdom and love which she possesses. Jasa’s wisdom will be missed; yet, here, some of her wisdom will be gifted directly to you. 


know yourself

“You have to know yourself. You must address that which you fear doing, before you can live a more liberated life. The fear that I think everyone has is the fear of knowing their own excellence and knowing their own powers; and especially the powers of humility, and kindness, and patience. We must realize that within each person is the potential to be great!”

“Just think about what you want to become and know that you can accomplish that. Because you are filled with a can-do power. There is damage that has been done to how we think about ourselves—that we must cast aside. When you truly discover the immense value that you have within yourself, you will then see the value in others and will treat them with love.”

while being cruel

“The cruelest people in the world have the most fear. They were formed out of fear being manifested as them. They are cowards who fear their own weaknesses and they also fear the strength of and the power within others. So, they let fear stop them from developing the discipline needed to accomplish something great. These cowards stay stuck in their fear, blocking their own joy of accomplishment. No one can know joy nor love, while being cruel.”

self-image incorporated

“I have incorporated belief in what I call ‘SI-INC’, self-image incorporated. We must develop a very positive self-image, for with that you will treat yourself right and not allow anyone to treat you wrong. Just be your most excellent self at anything that you choose to be, and to not give up because you have the power to become whatever you choose to be.”

beautiful spirit

“Hey there beautiful spirit. ‘I-AM’ an individualized personality of God-Love consciousness. And I function as an independent life form of intelligence and creativity. I am a single expression of the one life that is experiencing itself from thought into a living thing. From my life experiences I am formed into the exactness of who I think I am. The ‘I-AM’ that is me is becoming more of the life I have chosen.” 

help a child

“How do you help a child to feel whole when there is pain in their precious life? I tell them that within their self is magnificent love. That at 13, or 14, or 15, when this pain is often most intense, they have also reached a point where they can love and nurture their self; because there is something within them that literally is love. 

“I wish I could embrace every hurt child who has been programmed to think that they do not have value. I would explain what a treasure they are. I would embrace them with the fact that anything that anyone tells them about their self that is not good—it just isn’t true. I would beg them to not let anyone put self-destructive, diseased, intergenerational curse crap into their lives—because it just isn’t so. I would tell them to stay positive no matter what and to just do their best every day. I would say, don’t let negative energy steal your joy, nor allow childhood experiences to negatively impact their entire life. As they grow into adulthood, they can consciously choose to leave childish hurts behind.”

the power of choice

“I know that there is a life force within me that I can communicate with, that is going to help me through those moments of need. This too will pass, and every moment is an opportunity to experience growth. We have the power of choice. Making right decisions thrills me. I have a sign in my bathroom that says, ‘I am the glory of life’, and it is there to remind me that everything that I do either glorifies life or gorifies life. We can make a life gory by doing harm, or we can give value to life with love.”

mind training: believe these things

“Believe God is Life. Believe as we live and breathe, God is Life within us. Believe God/Life is all good within everything it becomes. Believe that Love is the energy form that life uses to create our life styles. Believe that Love is the creative energy that ignites us to action. Believe that the creative energy of Love is within each of us to use to build up within ourselves the image and likeness of the highest expression of who we think we are. Believe that we are a living being of the one life, whole and perfect, holy and divine. Believe we are the soul spirits of the most sacred life, God.”

i dare you

“We can do it. Acknowledge yourself. It is time of rebirth. Come forth as a purified soul. I dare you to believe it true and nothing else. I dare you to believe that God Love is within us as us now. I dare you to practice every day living as love. I dare you to be kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, generous, honest, and trusting. I dare you to choose to be healthy, happy, wealthy, wise, and holy. I dare you to make of yourself the image and the likeness of the Self that loves you the most. I dare you to desire only the best from yourself for yourself.

“Yeah, I dare you!


The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

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