Jimerson Law Firm

Do you remember the days of close and personal attorney/client relationships? A time when you knew that your attorney knew you, or your business? A time when you looked to one person to know you, or care about you, to educate you when needed and to represent you with the detail and the meticulousness that you wanted for your case from your attorney? You don’t have to remember because The Jimerson Law Firm never let those days go!

The Jimerson Law Firm seeks to create a relationship with their clients and hold steadfast to the concept of building a personal relationship with a client in order to serve them better. With Jimerson you become more than just a name, you become family. You’ll get to know the attorney whose name is on the door, Attorney Herman Jimerson, and he’ll get to know you.

The Jimerson Law Firm is a well-seasoned firm that practices personal injury, corporate and small business, family, criminal law, bankruptcy, chapter 7 & 13, family limited partnerships, real estate law including landlord tenant and foreclosures. Attorney Herman Jimerson wants to help you.

His firm goes above and beyond the common level of effort to serve you. They provide expert legal advice when drafting contracts, they act hastily when dealing with family law, and they work hard to ensure that your case is handled as best as possible. The Jimerson Law Firm’s motto is “Experience You Can Trust.” It conveys the commitment to excellence, the experience of many years of practicing law, and a promise from your attorney. These are things that you should expect whenever choosing a legal advisor and The Jimerson Law Firm more than delivers.

Whenever you are in trouble and need help you reach out for assistance with people that you trust. You can trust that the hand of Attorney Herman Jimerson will be there ready to help whenever you need it. In a field synonymous with dishonesty and distrust, The Jimerson Law Firm is an oasis in a desert of uncertainty. Attorney Herman Jimerson is prepared to be your personal or corporate attorney, so next time you have a legal need, why not establish a real attorney/client relationship? Why not contact The Jimerson Law Firm? Let them be your helping hand.

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