Richard G. Hughes & Associates, LLC

Richard G. Hughes & Associates , LLC
My first years practicing law were spent at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
(otherwise known as Legal Aid) as an attorney in the Consumer Law and
Housing Law departments providing legal representation to those who
could not afford a private attorney. I cut my teeth dealing with clients who
required understanding, true concern and compassion. I learned to regard
them as a person with a problem, not just a case file to be opened and
eventually closed. That experience has carried over into my private practice
where I emphasize one on one personalized attention to each client as an
individual with a legal problem. This kind of attention can only be offered
by small office attorneys. I have represented entire families: mother, father
and children and children’s children. Although I do advertise, the bulk of my
clients come from referrals from previous satisfied clients.

When I practiced with the late Worsham Caldwell, and Richard Singleton
in the firm of Caldwell Hughes and Singleton, we called ourselves the
“Equalizers”. We used that term to stress our ability to give our clients equal
access to the law for reasonable fees with individualized attention. I continue
to use that term in my practice today and to deliver the same high quality
legal services.

Richard G. Hughes earned his Juris Doctor Degree from the St. Louis
University Law School. He was licensed to practice in 1977 and is a
member of the State and Federal Bars. He is a member of the American
Bar Association, The National Bar Association and a Life Member of the
Mound City Bar Association.

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