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Spend Consciously

By Kenndra L. Roberts


Imagine a world where Black businesses are in abundance—thriving, striving, and bettering our world. In this world, the businesses that we patronize always respect us, enhance our community, and eagerly employ African American workers. This world can become a reality if we “plant our seeds and watch them grow” and allow every dollar we spend to sprout opportunity and triumph within our community.

Double Duty Dollar

Originally, the “double duty dollar” concept was used in the early 1900’s. Our forefathers and foremothers laid the foundation, and we must build upon it and make our money work for us! When Black consumers buy goods and services from black-owned businesses, the dollars spent have a doubling effect; they allow us to build a business sector that can serve the larger marketplace and ourselves.


This “doubling” effect creates additional capital within a community and provides new opportunities, jobs, and local businesses. If you spend at a local business, you are supporting that business owner’s family and employees. If this business owner spends at another local business and that owner does the same, the members of this community can keep up the cycle of doubling until the impact of the dollar has reached tenfold its value by the time leaves the community. Implementing this concept would be a significant catalyst to improve the quality of life, employment, and economic welfare in Black communities throughout the United States.

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