The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

This Year Alone | 5,000

This year alone…5,000 young African American males will kill 5,000 young African American males.

Yet, we are pleased that the number being murdered today is considerably lower than in some prior years, like the early 1990s when it neared 10,000 per year. 

Are we fully aware of the carnage? Were more African American males killed in the last 15 years than U.S. service persons who died during the entire Vietnam War? The answer is yes, absolutely. 

Will more be lost this year than the combined number of U.S. servicepersons lost during the entire Iraq and Afghanistan wars to date? Yes, that’s true. This year alone!

We know that many lynchings and/or disappearances were never recorded, yet this year, more African Americans will be killed by African Americans than the total lynchings that could be formally identified between 1882 and 1968. This year!

We African Americans are at war with ourselves. What are we doing to stop this carnage in our very own community? We are both killing and being killed by each other. We live our lives surrounded by needless death. 

We are traumatizing ourselves. 

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

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