Finale: Growth, Service, and Secret of Life


Elements of Empowerment from the 27th Transformational Agenda Magazine: ‘Finale: Growth, Service, and Secret of Life

* note: This is the ninth of nine articles which together make up the “Self-Analysis Tool”. See directions at end of article.

Finale: Growth, Service, and Secret of Life
Now is the time to transform your life by making positive choices and executing them. You have examined empowerment, and you are now ready to complete The Personal Empowerment Analysis Tool, and to set goals and objectives for your transformation.

• Are you willing to transform?

Our daily task, one that we carry with us throughout our lives, is to become better than we were yesterday. Our mandate is to strive to be the best that we can and to grow into our best possible selves. We do this by loving others and ourselves, by being generous and kind, and by taking the actions required to realize our own possibilities. A joy of being human is that we can wake up any morning and choose to recreate any aspect of ourselves.

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• Do you spread love?

We are called to gift our time, treasure, and talent to benefit others; we are called to be of service to people in need. Service to others is the ultimate expression of love in action and an essential part of our time spent here on planet Earth.

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• Will you embrace your calling?

The secret of life, as reported by grandfather in our beloved short story, “Listen to the Ancestors,” is:

Love begets love, and evil begets evil. And love will always overcome evil when love acts to. Yet evil always acts, while love often waits. Yet a life is just a moment in time without a proper name, while those we enhance or harm, enhance or harm, and enhance or harm for countless generations.

Love, love deeply; and know that love is an action word. What good does it do to love if you can’t act out love selflessly, nor speak it one to another? Love is the weapon, and dignity is the prize. For the sake of every ancestor who ever lived, and each whoever will be, create a culture of love!

Your time is now! Live a life full of joy, love, positive accomplishment, high character, the highest virtue, and exceptional values. It’s in your genes; it’s the essence of who you are. Empower yourselves with love. Create a healing community of love, and you will thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

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