Introduction: Making Your LEAP in Empowerment Easy, Quick & Successful

Article from the 27th Transformational Agenda Magazine:
Introduction: Making Your LEAP in Empowerment Easy, Quick & Successful

How many times have you told yourself in complete earnestness that you are going to be a better person, become more organized and productive, start working out, or that the new healthy diet starts now?

Only you can create a better version of yourself. Love yourself enough to want better and to do better! Personal growth releases an exuberant feeling into your life, more satisfying than words can reveal.

Today is a great day for a fresh start, so, take a deep breath, believe that you can transform yourself however you choose, and commit to excellence!

• Be Your Own Boss
Habits are choices that each of us deliberately made at some point that then became automatic behaviors that are ingrained in our neurology. Our brains, in the name of efficiency, create habits out of things that we regularly do. The main components of any habit are the trigger that our brains use to go into automatic mode, the routine or behavioral loop, and the reward. By better understanding the nature of habits, you can consciously make better and more intentional choices.
Understand Habits to Make Better Choices.

• Love Yourself
Habits cannot simply be eradicated; they must be replaced. You must love yourself enough to believe that you deserve and can do better. When you love yourself, you start to see the habits and behaviors that are a detriment to your growth and begin to act in your own best interest. Leave behind those negative thoughts that say that you don’t deserve more or that you cannot do any better.
Love Yourself and Believe That You Can

• Use Keystone Habbits
Keystone habits are those that can have the greatest overall positive impact on our lives. Research has shown that willpower is one of the most important keystone habits for individual success. By strengthening your willpower into a habit, a ritual if you will, you will become more self-disciplined and will increase your grit for weathering tough situations. Grit is defined as the tendency to work strenuously through challenges despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress. It is a combination of persistence and passion for an objective. The more willpower and grit that you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Focus, meditation, mantras, an accountability partner, or a support group are often utilized to increase willpower and grit.
Willpower + Grit = A Great Predictor of Success

• Benefit from a LEAP Partner
Change can be hard. Human support and group involvement is a great way to beat inertia and temptation. Tell someone your plans for personal improvement so that person can hold you accountable for meeting your goals, can celebrate your successes, and can help you learn from your failures. Report your progress to them regularly, and know that the more people with whom you share your goals, the more committed you will be to bring them to fruition.
Human Encouragement and Accountability

• Be Determined
You must commit yourself to living alternative patterns and behaviors if new and better habits are to be formed, yet know that when you begin the process of forming new and more productive habits that they will be very fragile at first. Do all that you can to avoid backsliding into your old bad habits. By identifying and then eliminating, or consciously controlling the moments when you are most likely to give up on your new habits, you can be effective. Take strides to eliminate temptations or enticements that might lead you astray.
Joyously Embrace Hard Work

• Learn From Your Mistakes
Giving into temptations is inevitable. Plan for it, accept it, and move on. Treat each failed attempt as a learning experience. What can you do differently the next time? How can you change this outcome to something positive? Life is full of valuable learning experiences that masquerade as failures. Get back up, dust yourself off, learn what you can from each experience, and try again.
It’s Not Failure; It’s Growth

• Be In It To Win It!
Just keep going. You’ll make mistakes, get discouraged, and backslide… just keep going while making needed modifications (or new goals and objectives) based on your experience-to-date. If you remain steadfast, you’ll eventually get to where you desire to be.
Learn, Modify, and Pursue


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Introduction: Making Your LEAP in Empowerment Easy, Quick & Successful

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