Your Beloved New Being

Article from the 27th Transformational Agenda Magazine:
Your Beloved New Being

Your Self Evaluation

Print Pages 42 and 43 and use the form as you read each article in the ‘LEAP’ series.

Your LEAP Decisions

We know that nothing happens until someone does something.

You must be the someone who does something, in order to grow in empowerment. So…

Why not make four decisions, and then decide that you have declared them to BE !

Print Page 44 – Then…..TAKE THE LEAP!!!!


Read this article for a better understanding before using the ‘Self-Analysis Tool’:
Introduction: Making Your LEAP in Empowerment Easy, Quick & Successful

Print forms from this article on pages 42,43, & 44: Your Beloved New Being – Print PDF ➡

Once you’ve printed the above 3 pages, start with the first article of nine recording your responses on your newly printed pages. Read each article and enter your response for it on your form when you finish each one.

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