Kimberly Denson

Most children in the supermarket checkout lane beg their parents for candy. Kimberly begged for hair magazines. She has always had a hunger to stay current on the latest styles and hair care techniques. She rapidly became exceptionally skillful in technique and style, and happily embraced being the campus stylist during her high school and college years. Kimberly has a BA in dance and African American Studies from Wesleyan University.

She is currently pursuing certification as an American Sign Language interpreter. In addition to these creative pursuits, she’s never lost her childhood passion for hair styling. After completing formal training as a Sisterlocks consultant, she is helping others experience the joy of natural hair with the Sisterlocks technique. Kim has evolved into specializing in natural hairstyles, doing braiding, Sisterlocks, and other natural styles exclusively.

“I became increasingly attracted to the opportunity for African Americans to have long and healthy hair that is versatile, durable, and their own,” she says with a smile.Todays’ demand for natural styles, and Sisterlocks in particular, keeps Kim busy. “Sisterlocks is a unique technique that consists of small uniform locks that are created using the client’s own hair,” she explains. “Unlike traditional twists or palm rolling techniques that require gels and grease, Sisterlocks are a product-free interlocking system. The smaller size of Sisterlocks (or Brotherlocks for men), includes a strategic parting grid for maximum versatility.

This unique technique gives the client a plethora of options from roller sets and flat iron to the wake up and go.”Kimberly is a joyous, giving, and loving person, who people enjoy being around. She has been described as “love in action.” And she loves making a natural hairstyle the envy of all.

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