Law Office of Celestine Dotson

When a legal issue arises, a legal advocate is needed that is truly committed to gaining a great outcome for you—someone that will go the extra mile and push the envelope for their clients; someone who has the skill, knowledge, experience, and determination to deliver for you. This is my strong suit. Your problem becomes my problem, until I deliver a great outcome for you.Once I have served a client, they generally look to me for all their legal needs.

I think they see and feel my commitment and advocacy for them, and thus they trust me. I love building these long term relationships with my clients. Perhaps our relation-ship starts with a personal injury case, I may then be asked to handle a traffic ticket (or two or three …smiles), I may then be called on to guide a child successfully through the criminal justice system, or bring justice to a wrongful discharge case. I hope you will phone when you need someone to go the extra mile for you or a loved one. I will be a strong and dedicated advocate and in the process earn the right to be your valued family attorney—that person you immediately turn to, with confidence in times of need or opportunity.

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