The Cahill Partnership

Randall C. Cahill grew up participating in serious discussions of justice and the law every night at the dinner table. His father, the Honorable Clyde S. Cahill, Jr., was the St. Louis “Dean” of African American law and was ultimately appointed a judge to both the Circuit and Federal District Court inthe State of Missouri. He led St. Louis in civil rights and the desegregation of its public schools, both in the streets and in the courts.

Interacting daily with a legal legend naturally led Randall to choose to be an attorney rather than become a jet pilot. Like his father, Randall graduated from Saint Louis University Law School, where he passed both the Missouri and Georgia bars with flying colors–“the first time”. While serving as an Honors Program Attorney for the Department of Justice, he practiced law in California, Georgia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Yet, St. Louis is home and our community’s legal needs are great.

Twenty-five years later, Attorney Randall Cahill has made quite a name for himself, having handled high profile personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, bankruptcy and family law cases, including the St. Louis defense of his social activist friend, Reverend Al Sharpton. Yet, many of the cases of which he is most proud, should not and did not receive any publicity at all, for he gives every case the exact same level of total commitment, attention, care and determination.

When interviewed, Attorney Cahill said, “Life has become extremely complicated and one has to be very careful and knowledgeable to operate in today’s world. A great attorney handles the complexity for the client and assures that their rights are fully protected, while keeping the client fully informed, and therefore, empowered to chart the course forward.” If this sounds like the attorney you would want to serve you, then simply call The Cahill Partnership.

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