The Living Words

by: J’Asa McCaleb

I am a direct descendent of the first I AM. Known by many titles, I AM writing these words in the name of the Most High. In Love I write to share the revelations that gave me liberation from the negative self-image I formed of myself and my people.

The Transformational Agenda Retreat crystalized my re-awakening and I hope with these words to awaken us from the slumber of a “do nothing ignorance,” and to raise within us the knowledge of “our can do power,” so that we may become the image and likeness of the greatness that gives us breath and being.

Hear these words and listen with your heart so you may understand deeply what they say to us. All of us are purposed to be (created with the ability to become) a great life, capable of moving from being flawed to perfection. Every trial and tribulation, all that we fear, hate, and resent, every conflict, obstacle, struggle, or addiction is to challenge us to become more fully that who we were purposed to become. I believe we are purposed to fulfill our highest potential, and I believe to achieve our highest potential, we must do our best on purpose!

On purpose, life entered our being and became an intentional expression within us. So the question became, why are some benefiting from life while others are living a wretched depraved and sorrowful existence? Why was I unhappy with myself and those who resemble me. What caused us to descend into this madness?

Slavery not only enslaved our people physically, it also eventually enslaved our minds and souls, causing most to believe in their own inferiority. The negative mental legacies of slavery infused self-hatred into my veins, thus I created a monstrous self image that I believed was gruesome, ugly, and lacking in grace and goodness.

The Transformational Agenda was born out of the pain of seeing our people suffer racial injustice and self-destruction. It forges a new image, an image of us finally creating a healing community of Love. The Transformational Agenda revealed to me the strength of our ancestry and how they chose to live slave solely so that we could know today. I now see our glory and am healed from self-inflicted wounds. I have now committed my life to help my people return to wholeness, holiness, and unbounded self-knowledge.

These are the living words of my journey. I pray by mercy and grace that all who read this will seek and share in this truly liberating experience. Let The Transformational Agenda enter your imagination, and create within you an image of the highest and best life that can be expressed by the people of African Ancestry. Then with the fierce urgency of now manifest it by Time Tithing (volunteering) to make that image the reality of our transformation.

Jerry “J’Asa” McCaleb (Mamma Moon) is the author of the yet unfinished manuscript The book of Now, Pages from my Journey Introducing the Dynamic of Siinc.

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