by: Louis ConPhliction


These are the problems that our kind was dealing with

see back then…
this was a time where black pride was diminishing, we was taken into slavery they misplacing and whippin’ men, now we got visions of imprisonment lynch trees on timberlands like why these are times of hate crimes we living in

like right ain’t worth mentionin’, while wrong replenishin’.
We got
racists never givin’ in.
teachin’ hate to these little kids like being black is crippling
born white is a privilege.
suddenly it’s a fact that being black is insolence

I’m a tell you what the real meaning of nigger is somebody that’s ignorant
hating another’s differences.
We ain’t never givin’ in fighting hate with a diligence
cuz we could have things the way Martin King envisioned it you know,
walking hand in hand till the whole world is grippin’ it right?

But we got safe sex campaigns on TV like wrap it up but its,
kids dying of aids daily in Africa.
we got folks here with HIV and they know and they hide it,
but what’s said about the babies that’s born with the virus.

any of the other kids with no one behind them
they grew up with that pain they store it inside ‘em
they at war with themselves like Gomorra and Sodom.
And they think nobody listenin’ so they be quiet,
and then we walk around just ignoring they silence.
Wondering what going on when that kid start resorting to violence and when that kid lash out then we ask him what happened…

from nothing is the struggle it’s a chain reaction
oh oh it’s mother’s fault that’s the main reaction, but tell me what can mommy do if daddy is absent.

Cuz for my dudes… pops wasn’t there couldn’t learn much from him.
And my girl… she don’t trust no man cuz uncle used to touch on her.

So my girls go to the boys cuz they wanna be loved.
And my
boys go to the girls cuz they wanna be hugged.
We see these
gangsters on TV we wanna be thugs
like if its
anything spilling its just gonna be blood.

And where’s pops at when that child’s in court?
Nobody know him,
he ain’t even paying child support.
See our vision of life is so foul distorted that we look down on women when the child’s aborted.

It’s like I’m
stuck in the darkness,
searching for the truth.
My mother doesn’t think that I cry but I do, I never show her cuz I told her I’m a soldier living proof but while she sleepin I be weeping eyes leakin from the truth.

Don’t get it twisted I aint preaching I’m just speaking to the youth I been reaching for these heathens hope that Jesus pull em through. So please just stop the grieving start believing in the news so the reason for its bleed can start seepin into you. Louis ConPhliction is a Saint Louis poet who has decided to use his talents to create a movement around self-love, self-worth, self-respect and self-awareness.

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