Living the Culture of the Enslaved

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

…living the culture of the enslaved…

What happens to a people who for centuries cannot control their own culture and hence their destiny—whose African culture is brutally suppressed until it is near fully erased; and is simultaneously replaced by a culture of only pained survival. Perhaps we should know the answer—because American slavery almost completely annihilated the African cultures of the enslaved. American slavery subjected the enslaved to an incredibly humiliating, dehumanizing, disempowering, brutal, terrorist, and restricting culture. The only choice that a slave could make was to rebel and be killed or submit to the ugly culture of slavery.

Will you allow yourself to reflect for just a few minutes on the magnitude of the harm American slave culture wrought on the spirit, mind, and soul of the enslaved? After all, this sordid culture was imposed for centuries.

Here’s another question you might want to ponder: Can a people whose culture was so brutally annihilated, who had no control over the culture which they were then forced to endure, now gain an understanding that their culture can finally be explicitly and consciously redefined, embraced, and recreated—by consciously utilizing the power of culture—both to heal themselves and to propel themselves to greatness?

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

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