Be Empowered

Your Self Evaluation

Personal Growth

  • Are you your own boss? Understand Habits
  • Who’s loving you? Love and Believe In Yourself
  • Shall you overcome? Willpower + Grit = Succes
  • Are you accountable? Accountability Partnership
  • Do you sink or soar? Joyously Embrace Hard Work
  • Do you learn from mistakes? It’s Not Failure; It’s Growth
  • Are you in it to win it? Learn, Modify, and Pursue


  • Would you be your own friend? Be Trustworthy and Sincere
  • Can you hear? Take An Interest and Listen
  • Do you live in a bottle? Open Up, Share, and Care
  • Have you made respect optional? Avoid Unhealthy Relationships

Lifetime Partners

  • Only talking to yourself? Never Stop Communicating
  • Is the fire still burning? Physical Intimacy is Important
  • Do you nurture? Spend Quality Time Together
  • Is it in writing? Create A Relationship Agreement
  • Do you fight fairly? Respectfully Resolve Conflict
  • Are you able to love? Love is An Action Word


  • Strong bond with your child? Gift a Meaningful Relationship
  • Dedicated to your children? Enter Into A Parenting Agreement
  • Showering your child with love? Love More Than Life Itself
  • Committed to your child? Position Your Child for Success
  • Teaching your child to soar? Set High and Consistent Expectations
  • Are you listening? Keep Lines of Communication Open
  • Utilizing parental controls? Control Your Child’s Friendships
  • Is your child well-rounded? Keep Your Child Supervised


  • Are you truly employable? Essential Characteristics
  • Have you stopped growing? The Importance of Education
  • Looking for your father’s job? The New Economic Reality

Financial Literacy

  • Are you underemployed? Optimally Earn
  • Do you use payday loans? Minimally Borrow
  • Ready for a rainy day? Maximally Save
  • Does your money work for you? Invest Wisely
  • Who controls your wallet? Control Spending
  • Do you believe in protection? Assuredly Protect

Physical and Mental Health

  • What do you feed yourself? Eat A Healthy Diet
  • Cardio or no go? Exercise Regularly
  • Are you toxic to yourself? Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Does your doctor know you? Get Regular Check-ups
  • Is your mind in shape? Stay Mentally Fit

Religion and Spirituality

  • Are you a believer? Consider Religion
  • Do you live the Golden Rule? Live A Righteous Life
  • Do you nurture your spirit? Get to Know Spirit

Voluntary Service and Time Tithing

  • Enjoy volunteering? Joys of Voluntary Service
  • Is money your only incentive? Service Strenthens Resumes
  • Are you motivated? Find Opportunities to Serve
  • Will you act to change the world? Be Change In the World

Finale: Growth, Service, and Secret of Life

  • Do you choose transformation? Grow As A Soul
  • Do you spread love? Be of Service
  • Embracing your calling? Practice the Secret of Life

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