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The world has changed, and we are in the midst of a revolution that has radically changed the requirements for workplace success. Today, critical thinking is a requirement for employment. This intellectual revolution has been surging for decades. In America’s future, a “strong back and a willingness to work” is no longer enough. Employers are looking for a new kind of employee to fill the positions that are being created by this “thinking work revolution.”

Are you truly employable?

Today, a qualified candidate for a living wage position must be a quality human being with character, virtue, values, and life skills. They must be able to take initiative, possess self-management skills, have a reliable and productive work ethic, embrace change, be adaptable, and be versatile. They must have an analytical mind with the ability to think critically, ask the right questions, and make informed decisions. Employers are looking for workers who have specialized knowledge, specialized skills, and are a one of a kind benefit to the work environment. In today’s economy, we are almost to the point that those who work for a living must meet all these characteristics. If not, they will only occupy low wage positions. But remember, it is never too late to acquire them.

Essential Characteristics

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Have you stopped growing?

Consider this—today it is very rare for workers to hold the same job or even follow the same vocation their entire working career. In this new working world, many people will find that they will need to further their education and training as their employment options change and evolve. Because of this, education must become a lifelong pursuit. Education not only creates opportunities for higher earnings and material comfort, but it also helps us to understand the world and how we can create greater meaning and joy for our families, our community, and ourselves. By continuing to educate yourself throughout your life, you are putting yourself in a position to have lifelong success.

The Importance of Education

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Are you looking for your father’s job?

The effects of the workplace revolution are a direct result of wealth pursuing the highest return on its investment. Among those who have concentrated real wealth (not the 1%, but the 1/1000th of 1%), national alliances and commitment to the welfare of the citizens of their home country no longer directs financial investment decisions. Most new jobs aren’t being created in America, and offshore tax havens have replaced the patriotism of paying taxes. This has had enormous impact on the changing economic structure of American society, as has the Supreme Courts’ sanction of the use of unlimited private money to influence elections and public policy. These combined forces have eliminated many manual labor and clerical jobs that have been the backbone of the American middle class. These forces have resulted in a polarization of earnings so extreme that the majority of Americans are now sinking toward poverty. We must do all that we can to ensure that our families and loved ones are provided for, and we need to make, save, and invest money while and when we can.

The New Economic Reality

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By becoming the last employee that you employer would want to lose, you gain
income, security, pride and dignity. It also equips you to better contribute to the healing of your community.

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