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It is tough work raising a child, yet parents, guardians, and caregivers have an absolute obligation to do all they can to ensure that each child thrives. Children need and deserve adults in their lives that are committed to their support, positive development, and empowerment. We all come into this world with a need to be consistently, competently, and reliably cared for. With this need met, we achieve success and flourish. Be the parent you wished you’d had!

Is your relationship with your child healthy?

Assure the empowerment of your child by gifting them with a meaningful longitudinal relationship with an empowered adult (MLREA)—you. Nothing is more important; a child cannot have too many, so surround them with loving grandparents, relatives, and trusted friends. The result will be a child of high character, virtue, values, and life skills.

Gift a Meaningful Longitudinal Relationship

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Are you dedicated to your children?

A parenting agreement is a written contract between two adults that constructs the ground rules for how a child will be raised. It details the specific responsibilities of each parent or guardian. Plan for the life of your child by being proactive in defining what each of you will provide your child. It will help you be the parents that your child deserves.

Enter into a Parenting Agreement

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Do you shower your child with love?

Love your child more than life itself. Every child deserves to experience love and support. This is how they learn to value themselves and to establish a sense of self-worth.

Love More Than Life Itself

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Are you committed to your child’s future?

Parents must be willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to gain a top quality education for their children. They must be competent educational advocates for their children or successfully find someone else to fill that role. Public schools, charter public schools, the Volunteer Interdistrict Choice Corporation (the busing program), parochial schools, and private schools are educational offerings available in St. Louis. Whatever you want for your child’s education can almost certainly be found among these choices. A parent or guardian must find schools where their child will thrive and excel.

Position Your Child for Academic Success

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Are you teaching your child to settle or soar?

Your children will most likely do as well as is required of them. If you do not lovingly and consistently communicate high expectations of achievement to your children, then you can’t expect it to happen on its own. Know that it is perfectly okay to set standards and to have expectations that exceed those of other parents.

High and Consistent Expectations

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Have you perfected your listening skills?

Establish strong and nurturing relationships with your children that include quality and effective communication (as opposed to giving orders) and that involve sharing and active listening. Get on your children’s level and really talk to them; don’t just talk at them. You will be surprised by how eager your children are to share their private world when they know that you are prepared to listen.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

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Do you utilize your parental controls?

Your child’s friends are a direct reflection of the kind of person your child will become. Pay close attention to the character of their friends and help them end unhealthy relationships quickly and surely. Unhealthy relationships can kill in a multiplicity of ways.

Control Your Child’s Friendships

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Would you like a well-rounded child?

Just because the school day ends at 3:00 pm doesn’t mean that your children should be left to their own devices until you get home after 5:00 pm. Keep them out of trouble by enrolling them in afterschool activities that are supervised by responsible and empowered adults. Sports teams, chess, dance, theater, and music are all fun and supervised activities in which your child can engage in and stay busy, as is tutoring and church activities.

Keep Them Too Busy To Get Into Trouble

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Remember, whenever a child lacks something that they need from a parent, they look to find it elsewhere.
They are sponges, so ensure they are absorbing the right stuff.

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