The Power of the Spirit is Tragically Being Ignored

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

…the power of the spirit is tragically being ignored…

The power of human beings, in difficult situations, to be active agents in their own transformation is tragically being ignored in America. No wonder that social service personnel lament their clients not being receptive of the opportunities that are presented to them, and that economic mobility between generations is difficult. 

America invests heavily in the formal education of youth and in providing health care, yet it essentially ignores aiding those who must first heal their broken spirit before they can become active agents in their own empowerment. Cultural Intergenerational Trauma and negative mental legacies of slavery are spiritual ailments, for African Americans have yet to heal their spirits from the impact of slavery. By the way, spirit has nothing to do with religion or even belief in a creator. It has everything to do with acknowledging that we are three-part beings: intellect, physical body, and one’s personal spirit; and that it is unreasonable to expect one in need of spiritual healing to excel academically or even physically, to climb the ladder at work, or to be a good parent. 

One person cannot heal another. However, we can help a person to heal their own spirit—as they must, in order for them to truly claim pride, dignity, and their potential. 

Two-and-a-half centuries of chattel enslavement, a century of ‘slavery by another name’, and 50 years of quiet repression—creates a whole lot of cultural intergenerational trauma, just screaming to be resolved.

The power of spirit is tragically being ignored, Yet, the entire truth will set us free—and heal our spirit—both individually and collectively.


What if only African Americans can heal the African American community and healing is exactly what is needed? 

The root cause of the magnitude of self-destructive behavior in the African American community is unconscious cultural intergenerational trauma, manifesting as unconscious negative mental legacies of slavery.

We have never carefully examined, nor processed the impact of the centuries of horrific trauma known as American chattel slavery. This we must do before we can heal, for we must first recognize that unknowingly we are culturally transmitting the culture of the enslaved from generation to generation.

The Transformational Agenda Magazine 26th Edition

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