We Do Not Because We Know Not

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The Humongous Lie. During slavery, terror and horror were utilized to convince us that we had no power to control our lives, that no one of African descent could aid us in any way, and that our condition was the will of God. This was done so that we would not value our lives at all yet always value the lives of the oppressor. Folks, all of this was a humongous lie. Let’s stop acting like it is true!

Realize that today we can and must control our destiny by using our incomes to elevate our community economically, by using charter school laws to take control of our children’s education, by compelling our children to earn high academic achievement, by encouraging our community to dream and to accomplish magnificent dreams, and by ridding our neighborhoods of the bloodsuckers that we allow to steal, kill, and poison our community.

Let Us Heal. We start the process of healing by simply knowing that negative mental legacies of slavery do in fact exist today. We can then educate one another about these legacies, allowing the light of consciousness to break their hidden power over us.

Next, we can go about consciously choosing to acquire high character, virtue, values, and life skills; in other words, we can consciously empower ourselves. Then, we can minister one to another by time tithing, which is giving one tenth of the time which we control, providing voluntary service directly targeted at healing/empowering our community.

For our youth and those adults needing serious empowerment, we must volunteer in ways that facilitate a long term empowering relationship. Because we are human and social beings, true empowerment can only be transmitted by a meaningful long-term relationship with one (or more) empowered adult(s). Yes, ideally this would be an empowered parent, yet it certainly need not be. Any empowered adult can gift someone with such an empowering relationship!

Hence, we can empower one another by gifting one another with the only thing capable of transmitting high character, virtue, values, and life skills—a meaningful long-term relationship with an empowered adult. By consciously and specifically gifting (delivering) such relationships with our time (time tithing), we can heal/empower ourselves.

This We Can Do. This we can do ourselves. We need no one else’s approval, apology, resources, or assistance. What was, was. It just was. And what is, is. And what is will continue to be (now and forever) if we don’t wake up!

We innately know the new reality which we desire for our community. When we turn our concern into concerted action (via time tithing), we create a magnificent new reality for ourselves and for all of our future generations.

WE NEED EACH OTHER. Clearly we now have the capacity to heal ourselves. Yet, we need each other in order to heal. Not aiding one another has seriously constrained us, but we now have the power and freedom to heal ourselves; we just need to stop reacting to the actions of others and instead consciously create a magnificent reality.

IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE. The love of self was taken from us, and it is the love of self which we must reclaim. Love yourself, your people, and our rich and proud heritage. Always act with love in relation to one another. Decide what you care about the most—education, single parenting, delivering a meaningful long-term empowering relationship to a child (or another adult), aiding people returning from prison, or clearing our community of crime and drugs. You decide what your passion is, and then find a way to engage. When enough of us time tithe with love specifically directed at healing our community, then our community will, in fact, be healed.

Do all that you can, and know that it will be more than enough. Just believe in your personal power. Believe in the power of a few like-minded persons. And know that our community can easily mobilize more than enough power to rapidly heal/empower ourselves by simply committing to time tithing—one person at a time. When we do this, when we create a healing community of love, we will thrive beyond our wildest dreams.

Rest Assured. For twenty years we have struggled to identify exactly what it is that constrains African Americans. We remained confident that if the root cause could be accurately identified, then healing could finally take place. The short story “Listen to the Ancestors” provided the revelation. The document/holistic plan for the healing of our community entitled “The Transformational Agenda” was then rapidly assembled from 20 articles we had written over the past 15 years. This gave birth to the holistic strategic plan that we now call The Transformational Agenda.

We tested, by presenting the findings in a 9-hour experience, now entitled The Transformational Agenda Retreat, which proved to be transformational. Four years, 35 retreats, and 300 participants later—we have committed our lives and all our resources to “…communicating The Transformational Agenda so that African Americans may heal.”

Please understand that THE RETREAT IS THE TRANSFORMATION. Almost all participants enthusiastically report it to have been among the most important experiences of their life. Experience the Retreat for yourself, and then strongly encourage all African Americans, and especially anyone who you personally love to attend as well. You will never be the same again. You will feel different and you will behave differently because you will be transformed.

Four hundred years of programming leads many of us to often say, “It has never happened and never will.” Yet finally, “We can simply join together and make it happen.” Grandfather in “Listen to the Ancestors” said it well, “Create a healing community of love and you will thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

You must “be the transformation” you must “be the change you wish to see.” Please carefully examine The Transformational Agenda.


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